“The Polliwogs” animated cartoon green lit by Salt Media

By October 1, 2018 January 25th, 2019 Animation
The Polliwogs

Salt Media & Entertainment has green lit the production of The Polliwogs, a 26-episode animated cartoon series based on the popular family fun edutainment centres of the same name from Singapore.

The series will be Salt Media’s second animated cartoon, after the 26-episode Abbie Rose, which is nearing completion. The Singapore company already has several international projects under its belt, including upcoming Australian films Storm Boy and The Very Excellent Mr Dundee, as well as Hollywood film Stano.

“Salt Media is making strides and forging ahead to carve out our niche in the space of values-based entertainment by collaborating with strategic partners to create excellent products. The Polliwogs is one such project in our pipeline,” said Sherman Ng, founder of Salt Media & Entertainment.

The animated cartoon series will be based on four characters associated with The Polliwogs brand, Singapore’s premier family recreation brand with a chain of family indoor play centres that have attracted over a million customers since 2009. The four characters will solve world problems through their innocence, curiosity, adventurous streak, and unique talents.

“We are excited that the familiar characters of our The Polliwogs brand and live theatre productions will make their leap onto the TV screen, bringing our unique brand of serious fun to children and families beyond Singapore. We hope our characters can be inspire future generation of children to be good ambassadors of the world, utilising their own unique personalities and talents to contribute to society,” said Hariman Kwok, founder & CEO of The Polliwogs. 

Shenzhen-based Hong Kong Century Films has been commissioned to produce the 26-episode series with a view of targeting the China market, in addition to the other markets. 

“While The Polliwogs is a product for the global market, working with Hong Kong Century Films will give us unique access to the China market,” explained Sherman.

“We regard Singapore’s Salt Media & Entertainment as an important long-term partner, and look forward to combining the resources and geographical advantages of both parties to create quality projects for both domestic and international markets,” said Fan Xiuming, Film & TV Consultant of Hong Kong Century Films. 

Production will commence in October 2018.


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