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Raison d’être is French for “The reason for being”.

This thought came to me when I was in the gym this morning. We humans are so complex that the Creator God who created us must have made us for a purpose. We most definitely are not designed to be pedestrian in life’s journey. Rather, we must exist for a purpose.

So I begin to think further and note that it is essential for us to understand our Raison d’être. What is our purpose and goal in life? For some, it would be to acquire vast swaths of wealth; for some, it would be living life without troubles; for others, it would be to create the most impact possible while they live. This and many other motivations.

I thought about my Raison d’être, and it occurred to me that over time it can become hazy, or I detract from an earlier revelation of my purpose. Yet this understanding allowed me to pause and seek my Creator for a refreshed vision and the tenacity and dexterity to make my decisions accordingly. This helps me strengthen my worldview and how I live and interact with the people around me.

As a follow-up to my previous post on “What is legal might not be ethical”, when we understand our purpose in life and form an honourable worldview, we will not struggle with issues of legality and morality. We would realise that when we hurt or disadvantage a colleague, client or any stakeholder, there are costs and consequences.

In that outcome, will it fulfil our Raison d’être, our reason for living? Would we live to grab from people, or do we trust that the complexities in which we were created provide us with creativity and industry such that we do not have to disadvantage another party to gain something for ourselves?

This little thought helped me refine and refresh my purpose, and I pray this encourages you as well.