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“Some people teach to provide boundaries, others teach to bring freedom.”

~ Dan McCollam

I heard this quote the day after my wife and I were discussing with some friends how to communicate with people. As leaders on various fronts, we have an opportunity to interact with many and help them in their personal journeys. During our discussion, the topic of how people can feel judged when we communicate points to an overly righteous spirit. Not only does this put up a wall between people, but it also pushes them away.

The approach we try to take is to affirm men and women towards the direction they should head in life—the journey that leads them to discover that living with boundaries provides freedom. Boundaries are not there to restrict us. Though this approach often takes time and patience, we’ve seen that identifying (and reminding) people of their potential and destinies encourages them to return to us for counsel whenever they face challenges. This sets us with an opportune time as we now have their trust and can nurture them back in the right direction.

We all crave freedom. When we were teenagers, we wanted to be adults and do “adult” things. When we start work, we want to achieve “financial freedom”. I am sure there are many things we want to have the freedom to do. Implicit in the word “freedom” is boundaries. For if there is no reference point, i.e. boundaries, what are we free from? When we understand the potential and destiny for which we are created for, we will naturally stay within the limits that keep us safe.

To this end, my wife and I have recently stepped up our training sessions, and we feel the benefits of it. This allows us to be healthy, sharp in our thinking and productive with the hours we have. We’ve kept discipline and also avoided idling and unhealthy eating. These boundaries have given us the freedom to do more, think better and stay on course with our goals and objectives.

The Bible often references our walk as Christians to “fighting the good fight”, “running the race”, “God discipling those He loves”, “disciplining our bodies”, and many others. It’s pointing us to the boundaries we have for life and, more importantly, the freedom we can have.

May this bless you.