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I suppose it isn’t easy to comprehend how just one person can significantly impact us.

And I’d further suggest this one person isn’t just any other person. This person is central to our lives—our fathers.
What we know about fathering so far is that engaged and present Dads have kids who are;
  • less likely to drop out of school
  • tend to avoid high-risk behaviours
  • more likely to have healthy, stable relationships when they grow up
  • tend to endure fewer psychological problems throughout their lives
Some call this the “Father Effect.”
I know this too well, as my parents divorced when I was 7. My sister was three years of age. My father became depressed and was seldom present. So we were brought up by our grandparents. My sister married when she was 22; she has two kids now and is divorced. Her income is average by our nation’s standard but below average regarding household income since she is a single mom.
I did not do well in school. While I eventually got a 2nd upper honours degree in the university, taking unnecessary risks in my career resulted in losing everything in my early thirties. It was only in my desperation when I allowed God to heal these father wounds that I learned to surrender and slowly become a son to the spiritual fathers God placed in my life.
When we brought in Show Me The Father and Courageous Legacy, I wondered, is God reigniting another wave of fathering on the earth? Movies have a profound way of being prophetic. Imagine, a lot of technology we saw in movies like James Bond and Mission Impossible is currently possible and, in some cases, practicable today. So, I began to observe what else was happening around the world. I then discovered many recent movies at its core, like Dune, Shang-Chi, and The Batman, also speak about fathers and a person’s desire for a father figure in their lives.
I had a chance last year to share with a group of 20 students from the Central Leadership Program in Africa. They wanted to hear about my journey as a Kingdom-focused entrepreneur and how God was moving in my life. The session ended with me speaking about my journey from carrying an orphaned heart to a son learning to grow in intimacy with his Heavenly Father.
While it took years to heal, I am thankful today that I can rest secure in my position as a son before I embark on my role as a husband or business owner. The feedback was that it was the most interesting session in their guest speaker series, and they invited me back to their next cohort.
I believe wholeheartedly that this is in God’s heart this season. So I’d encourage you to watch Show Me The Father and allow God to move in your heart. We will also bring in other titles of the same theme, like A Father’s Legacy and I Can Only Imagine, to supplement our library of inspiring life-affirming content.
Till the next piece.