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“Hey Sherman, we’re helping Fei Yue Community Services with their annual fundraiser, can Salt Media help? Unfortunately, charities have been finding it hard to raise funds in this climate. By the way, it’s their 30th anniversary!”

Not too long ago, an acquaintance approached me with this question. She was planning to arrange a meet-up for me with the manager of donations at Fei Yue Community Services.

My brain started to buzz, and as I enquired for more details, I heard what Fei Yue wanted to do. Their struggles with donor engagement were very real. But while the pandemic created many limitations, I began to see several solutions and opportunities for new avenues of engagement.

Salt Media is in the business of storytelling. We encourage the production and consumption of wholesome entertainment and have produced, distributed and exhibited such content. Through our journey, we help charities raise monies through SMIX, our on-demand, pure entertainment streaming service.

With some retooling, we now help charities further tell the stories of why and what they are raising funds for—and together—create hybrid fundraisers that have supported Fei Yue, MYMCA, Prison Fellowship Singapore and New Life Community Services.

This brings delight and joy to our work as the team constantly challenges itself to learn new skills and support the wider community.

We are now in discussions with several others for their fundraising activities in 2022. I could not be more proud that we are growing to be part of something greater than we are.

Till the next piece.