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I’ve begun to like documentaries in recent years as the quality of storytelling has increased. Some recent ones like The Dissident, The Biggest Little Farm, My Octopus Teacher, The Last Dance, and others got me tuned in.

But what about a faith-based documentary? I’m not talking about a biopic or the ones that document the life of a famous pastor. Or a science-based film that proves the Bible. One faith-based documentary that surprised me is Show Me the Father. When Sony asked us to release it with Courageous Legacy, I did not expect Show Me The Father to do well at all.

Contrary to what I thought, the film is doing better. But, most importantly, the impact it’s making on people’s lives surprises me.

We had the privilege of partnering with One for Jesus for a screening late last year. As I walked down the steps at the end of the movie to share how the film could be used for outreach and the Body of Christ, all I could hear were sniffles amidst the pregnant pause.

Since then, we have had an overwhelming number of queries from churches and other groups. Some wanted to do screenings for their congregation. Some wanted to do Christmas outreaches. One church had a great idea. They would host screenings asking church members to invite as many people as they knew. They also had a separate hall to screen a movie for children so families could participate too.

Show Me The Father hits home on some of the lesser-discussed issues in our lives. How it is done has brought healing to young and old alike, and their testimonies move me.

My own journey has been one of a son carrying an orphaned heart and learning to grow in intimacy with my Heavenly Father. Believing that this is in God’s heart has stirred me to encourage people to watch Show Me The Father and allow God to move in their hearts. I’d encourage you to watch the film if you haven’t already.

Till the next piece.